Pets go out for two cups of water, grain, water, food, pets and dual-purpose cups.

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material: plastic

As a dual-purpose container, it can contain both food and water, which is very convenient.
Made of high-quality materials, it is durable and can be used for a long time.
The cap is well designed; you can be sure to put the bottle in a bag or other place without worrying about water leaks.
And the caps are relatively large in diameter; they can easily pour pet food.
This bottle is equipped with a collapsible bowl for easy feeding and is very convenient.
Condition: 100% new variety type: pet bottle feeder material: PP
23 cm high
11 cm wide
Width is 11 cm
Out of the valley 2.5CM large caliber
Folding hanging bowl
Package Included:
1 pet bottle feeder with collapsible bowl (excluding other items)
The pet bottle feeder can contain approximately 250 grams of dog food and 350 milliliters of water.